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Our Club’s Philosophy

The primary aim of St Ives Bay Swimming Clubs swimming programme is to provide the highest quality of teaching/coaching at all levels.

To provide the best possible environment for swimming success at all levels of the sport.

St Ives Bay can offer a program of swimming from basic swimmer to national age group qualifier via an integrated swimming training program.

If you are the parent of a club member or looking for a new club for your son/daughter then please take time to review the documents that can be found in our information section, these documents will explain the policies and ethics in place to help provide a safe and nurturing environment for your young star.

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  1. WillSparling says:

    Well done to all the swimmers that attended the Development Gala in Bodmin and those that travelled to Hengrove

  2. Will Sparling says:

    The 2014 Qualifying times for the Counties, Regional and National Championships have been added, you’ll find them on the “2014 QTs” tab

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